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Some thoughts about appearances

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After reading the threads re: women & scarring, the handsome guy w scars etc... I decided to really notice the people around me. I was at the mall this wk and tried to find all the imperfections on people's faces- try it sometime. My conclusion is that most people have some imperfection on their face- lots more elsewhere on their bodies. I don't normally notice acne scars unless I'm looking for them like I was. Those that had them were usually very attractive- one guy in particular- wow(: Children don't count, since they are all beautiful imo. The people with flawless skin were usually fat- weird. Occasionally you see the rare amazing human being that is perfect in everyway- but I stress "rare."

We become obsessed with our skin after battling acne for yrs. We are our own worst critics. Since I had these excisions I have looked at myself in every imaginable light, every angle, and even with a magnifying glass. BAD idea!! I've found scars I never knew were there! I could obsess and make myself miserable. I realized by really noticing others, that people are a package deal- made up of beautiful and ugly parts. Some of us have facial scars, but others have big butts, no hair, crossed eyes, etc. Few have the complete works, and I guarantee there's a flaw we haven't found yet- probably arrogance.

Not to say we shouldn't strive to improve ourselves, but we should be more gentle on ourselves. It does piss me off though when people whine over minor stuff- like my friend w perfect skin who is worried her mole removal will leave a mark- I could smack her. What I'd give to have a mark from a mole only! And sorry, but the guy here who has a scar UNDER his hair- I'm just confused by the worry. Please put my scars under my hair, on my feet, my backside... anywhere but my FACE.

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I noticed too that since battling acne I can tend to scrutinize my skin. I was looking closely at the faces of a group of people I was with last night, and almost everyone has some sort of discoloration or other issues. No one is up in our face looking for every little mark so we might try to stop doing that to ourselves.

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