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Has anyone tried Thermaclear Acne Zapper

I did some searches on this site and didnt find anyone reviewing or share their experiences (if any) with the Thermaclear Acne Zapper: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...ing=thermaclear

Ive been having horrible breakouts lately and I feel like no matter what face wash I use, I get the same results. Im really curious if anyone has used this or any other 'acne zapper'. It received some pretty good reviews on Sephora.

I know Zeno ( http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDet...goryId=cat80182 ) is a popular one as well. Here is a review comparing the two: http://bellasugar.com/1076003

I would love to get some feedback from you guys! Im pretty eager to buy this.

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I tried the Thermaclear, I still have it but don't use it anymore.

It only worked for me a few times overall. It also only works on certain types/sizes of pimples and you need to catch them in the very early stages for it to do anything. A few times it actually completely made small inflamed acne go away within a day or 2 but overall it's very inconsistent. Wasn't really worth the money for me but it may work better for you.

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I heard the same as youre telling me - catch it in the early stages. Im always analyzing my skin anyway, so I think I could catch it early on. So if thats all I have to worry about, hopefully it works.

Anyone else?

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Our local news station KDKA did a review on this item to see if it really works. You can go to the KDKA website an type in thermaclear and you can watch the 5 miunte review on this product. This is the script of the interview.


Sonni Abatta (KDKA)

Thermaclear, an over-the-counter, handheld device, delivers a zap of heat to a pimple.


numSlides of totalImages A new device claims to clear your acne lesions as much as four times faster than any acne product on the market.

Thermaclear, an over-the-counter, handheld device, delivers a zap of heat to a pimple. The user turns on the device and applies the heated tip directly to the lesion.

Peter Scionamara, Thermaclear founder, says the device is FDA-cleared and has been tested in clinical trials to deliver faster results than products alone.

It sounds like a hefty promise, but local dermatologist Dr. Suzan Obagi says heat has always been an effective treatment for acne.

"What's speculated is by generating heat in the skin, you're increasing blood flow into the area--increasing migration of white blood cells to help fight the acne lesion," says Obagi.

For the most effective treatment, users should use Thermaclear at least twice a day, but no more than once every four hours to each acne pimple. Scionamara says as soon as someone feels a pimple beginning to form, he or she should begin using Thermaclear.

Meghan Boyles, a mild acne sufferer, has been using Thermaclear for about a month now. The Pitt student says she is already seeing results.

"Normally when I break out and get a pimple, it would last a week--maybe a week to 10 days. And now I can see it going down in two to three days," she said.

But frequency is key. Users should keep the device handy to get the full benefit, which Obagi says can be a hassle.

"You have to keep it around and use it, otherwise you miss the opportunity to shrink the lesions," the doctor said.

Obagi says a more cost-effective way of treating pimples is to apply warm compresses several times a day. It can give similar results, but without the $150 price tag that comes along with Thermaclear.

And, she says, developing a good skincare routine will prevent pimples from even forming. Obagi suggests a 2.5 to 10 percent concentration benzoyl peroxide treatment under a daily SPF, and a retinol moisturizer at night for the best benefits.

But for Boyles, the results she's seeing are worth the price tag.

"I feel like that is completely reasonable if you think about all the creams someone would buy from a high-end store, or a prescription from a dermatologist. I think it would really help be better off in the long run."

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