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Anyone got clear using only WATER?

I've got a feeling there are two things that attribute towards my skin

1.Thinking about it (Stress)

If i have one of those days where i don't think about it cause I'm really busy i don't get one all day, whereas if i get a massive one and get depressed and sit in the house thinking about it i find i have a new one by the end of the day.

2.Overusing products

A week ago i came off my doxycycline ( was only on it for a month) and my clindamycin and have since been using only cetaphil day and night which is still making my skin really dry, so today i thought screw it I'm going to go 100% cold turkey

Rules involved

1.Not allowed to look in the mirror apart from when i am getting ready in the morning and when going to bed

2.NO PICKING, unless it's an obvious whitehead

3.Try and be happy, I've been bordering on depressed for the last 6 months or so FUCK IT

4. Only water is allowed at a MAXIMUM of twice a day, no BP what so ever

Ever since I've used products my skin has got worse

Here goes the first night of cold turkey, wish me luck. Even if my skin gets worst at least i know i will grow out of it faster than if i had been on antibiotics for years

I will grow out of it, parents have perfect complexion and my brothers are very good.

Anyone else had success with this? I'm 19 and if I'm not clear by 23 I'll hit the tane

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good luck with that, i just started doxycycline about a week ago and results are SLOWLY showing...how did the doxycycline work for you, by the way?

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I don't mean to scare you but I'd advise you to get off it, i was on it for a month and saw no results, if anything it gave me more spots than before, new ones on my neck, but that's not why i came off it

1.Doxy may clear you up but when you do come off it (antibiotics shouldn't be taken long term) its only going to come back worse than before, what's the point?

2. I feel as if I'm less likely to outgrow acne if i take tablets, for example if i took them until I'm 21 (im 19 now) and was clear the whole time chances are I'd break out once i came off them. Whereas if i go natural for three years my body is more likely to naturally outgrow it.

3. Do you like taking a drug everyday and knowing that you body is failing you without it?

Sorry if that sounds harsh but hopefully you get my point

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I'd say go for it! Our body is not meant to have acne so it will find ways to repair itself. By using chemcals to "treat" our acne does irritate it. Also focuse on what your putting INSIDE your body. Vitamin C fruits and veggies:) by doing this your encouraging healthy blood flow and cell (including repairng cells!)

i was responding to your main post...using nothing but water. sorry if that was confusing!

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Ive taken a similar approach, although not as radical. I am still using natural household products, yogurt, honey etc. Although I have completely skipped all soaps and cleansers. It has worked amazingly, I would never have thought that less is more :D

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