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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Hi! I've been taking this internally as well as externally.

I Put some Apple Cider Vinegar ( Organic) On my face 2 days ago. It stung like crap! but after a while it faded away..

When i woke up the next morning The discolored areas of my skin seemed reallly dry, especially when i got out the shower, some of my old acne scars begin to lightly peel. I didnt want to go to work but i had to. I Just put some tea tree oil and some green tea creme on my face.

Last night I put a little more ACV on my face, much more diluted than the first time.

I woke up this morning and now my face is EXTREMELY DRY and it looks as if i just got a chemical peel. I was told ACV is 5% acetic acid, then i found acetic acid to be a part of the TCA mixture.. I thought to myself ( well maybe it isnt as strong as a TCA peel, I HOPE I DIDNT DAMAGE MY FACE!)

Has this ever happened to anyone? I'm hoping the real dark/ dry/ patches/ areas of my skin will flake off in a few days... Should i not put any more on my face?

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Youre supposed to dilute it... 50:50, 33:66, 25:75 ACV: water, whatever you find works for you. don't put it on straight... just like when you take it internally, you shouldn't be taking it straight...

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The first time I did dilute, maybe not as much as I should have.

Either way I notice a lot of dead skin is shedding, which is a plus. I've been dealing with acne since 13 and I'm 22. I used to frequently pop them , now there's noticeable hyper pigmentation. The ACV seems to be doing its part.

I can see fresh skin under the dead!

Thanks! :popcorn:

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