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Life is just plain cruel.

So I finally managed to cure my acne. after 6 months of accutane treatment I now have the clear skin that I always wanted. But as soon as I finished accutane it was like my body thought, 'Right! we cant let him be happy and carefree, lets think up some over way to cause him physical and emotional pain'. The consequence of this is that I have developed eczema, something I havent had since I was 7, on my arms, neck and legs, which not only looks plain awful but hurts like hell and really restricts my general mobility. I did some research on eczema, and, guess what, its another one of those diseases that cant be 'cured' but only controlled- great. looks like i'll have another decade of dealing with a skin condition thats going to tear me apart. Life is just fucking cruel.

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Yes, that is cruel. I'm sorry this is happening to you. And I hope it won't last.

Accutane disrupts your skin barrier function .... this is really bad for eczema sufferers. So another thing you might want to research is how you can protect and restore the epidermal lipids that make up that barrier. Supplementing your diet with fish oil is the first thing that comes to mind .... and try using emu or jojoba oil to enhance your moisturizer.

Good luck with it, and don't despair.

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That's just plain horrible. :(

I sympathize a great deal. I don't know if I would be able to deal with all that. I'm so overwhelmingly insecure as it is with what I have now.

I congratulate you on finally conquering your acne problem, though. :D

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