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How long did accutane take....

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I'm goin to my 3rd month and it's finally kicking it FINALLY!, still got some here or there, by june i should be pritty clear. WHat about ya'll?

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I'm 21 days in and look like hell. Absolute hell. I have this one big blemish on my cheek that will not come to a head. I can see it, but its got a layer of skin over it or something. It just wont poke through. I have a few other zits that are annoying but if it wasnt for this one, I would be okay for the most part. ](*,)

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i have 8 days left till im done accutane. My face is completly ZITLESS. Nevertheless, i still do have shitload of pinkish/red marks. Hopefully once im off 'tane. It will heal alot faster.

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I'm in week 11, and I think I may have turned the corner recently, as my "trouble spots" have not flared up since the last major breakout in week 8. I still have some decaying acne on my face in a couple spots, but overall I don't look too bad, provided I use makeup to minimize the appearance of redmarks. I have some slight scarring in a few spots, but I think some dermabrasion treatments down the road can smooth that out.

The other change is that I'm now just washing my face once in the morning. I don't see the point of washing before bed, and then repeating it 6 hrs later.

I'm also still sleeping in the recliner. It's probably not a factor, but hey, I'm trying not to jinx myself.

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I am almost done with my second month and I still have breakouts. Now I am getting them on my chest and I've never had them there. I am hoping soon that I will quit breaking out.

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