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mary mary


I started extracting comedones on my cheeks using a facial vaporizer and a hairpin (the loop side), while wearing gloves. This definitely beats using my tweezers or my fingers, as there was absolutely no blood (well, except for one where I lost my patience!). My question is, after extracting, even in a manner to ensure minimal scarring, will your skin always be red and sore-looking? Will any and all extraction leave you with scars and marks? I only did it about an hour ago, and even though I think I did it correctly, it looks like it's going to leave some marks. I'm not sure yet, but I could not resist: I couldn't stand seeing all those blackheads!! I am going to apply some aloe as soon as possible.

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With extractions no matter how careful you are, inflammation will result. Also, no matter how careful you are, you run the risk of aggravating something that wasn't big into something huge - this is especially important to remember on the nose rather than the cheeks. In my experience, if I go doing extractions on my nose, I may get many blackheads, but inadvertently push something deep and cause a big pimple. My advise - only extract if you have to and at all costs STAY AWAY FROM MAGNIFYING MIRRORS. They make you see much more than everyone else does, you freak out, you go extracting away, and before you know it you are left with tons of marks. Just be careful!

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You're absolutely right, it's easy to get carried away with a magnified mirror. I try and stay away from blackheads that obviously don't look ready, and only for the ones which you can see a head (this is when magnifying mirrors come in handy). You are also right about making some worse and turning them into pimples by some stuff back, or by leaving some stuff behind. This morning, I woke up with about two or three of them inflamed with pus, not big or super-infected, but I did just pop them without vapor or much care and they are probably going to leave some marks. With these kinds of pimples that result after extraction, is it better to pop them, lance them, or just leave them alone?

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