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Fish Oil - How much should I take?

Over the summer my skin was in the absolute best condition that it's ever been. I didn't really worry about what I ate, but I worked out consistently for the entire summer. Once I got back to college in the fall I upped my caloric intake (bulking up) and slowly my acne started to come back. I've been trying to think of all the possible reasons for this, and then today at the grocery store I realized that I was making an effort to take fish oil over the summer, and since then I have totally cut it out of my diet. So I purchased some 1000mg softgels today, and I'm just curious as to how much I should take to see some skin improvement.

Thanks guys!

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not to much, but get the best brand you can, rancid polyunsatured fats have alot of oxidents that will steal electrons from other molecular structures in your body, and can damage cells even causing cancer and other diseases. so dont take that much, but take the best brand you can, as it is very benefical. But if you take to much in an environment with little antioxident present, thats when damage can occur. so make sure you take alot of antioxidents to protect yourself.

Oh and the more calories you consume create more oxidents also, that is why low calorie diets increase life span and reduce or eliminate disease in old age. No fooling, go research it.

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