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maximum number of injections?

my skin is soo much better than it used to be, in fact i havent gotten a cyst in almost 2 years until a few months ago. I had a cyst pop up in september and i had it injected very early hoping to keep the scarring to a minimum. In my experience the ones that i have left alone become the worst long term scars. anyways, the cyst has come back 5 times now. each time it reappears i get it injected asap and it goes away for a few weeks, but sure enough it comes back. what should i do? my derm thinks it should be cut out, but i cant imagine having a stitch scar on my face. But at the same time i feel like if i keep getting it injected then it will leave a pretty deep atrophy. i feel like if i simply let it run its course it could potentially get really big. like i said i havent one in so long, i dont know why this one is being so stubborn. any advice or past experiences would be very helpful. thanks

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legit same thing happened to me. I was clear and a cyst popped up and i got it injected and another came up in its place. This went on for about 2 months until my mom for some reason told me to put Cortizone ON the cyst. Not injected, just dab the cream on it and leave it over night. Now i no this isn't good to do this to every cyst sine steroid creams are not made for your face but in this situation i just had to do it.

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I have only had one or two cyst/nodules, so my experience with this might not be typical, but I will share it anyway! :) I had a small, pea sized nodule on the edge of my jawline that was there for months. It was too deep under the skin for my esthetician at the acne clinic to extract. She tried several times and couldn't get it. I went to a derm that is also a cosmetic surgeon and he extracted the core of the lesion and then gave me a cortisone injection. It worked great - no scarring and the spot never came back (its been a year and a half since I had the procedure done). They should only have to make a tiny hole to extract the core - mine didn't require any stitches at all.

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