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Philosophy Against Breakouts

I had this idea one night, and wrote it down in an artlike manner and it went like this:

Acne is a phenomenon of cross pollination.

Let not my hands be wandering bees.

There is a game of stimulation and response,

let the stimulus not be my master.

let the response be one of my own mindful will.


I still try to apply think way of thinking.

A blueberry tree requires the pollen of a different blueberry tree in order to make fruit. Bees are an insect that helps transfer the pollen. In this same way giving attention to bumps with your finger tips can spread the bacteria like pollen>pimples being the fruit of the system.

This thinking has helped me. It hasn't cured me because I haven't been disciplined enough to follow through with it 100%. But the ideas have helped understand the situation and that understanding in itself is like the light railing against the darkness, and overall I have experienced a lasting reduction.


One time I had 27 warts on both of my hands, and they just started to disapear once I began to ignore them both in thought and touch.

I am 23 years old now and am kind of perplexed to see that I still get acne on the back, my face has become so much better, and I expected my back to clear with my age as well, but it seems to be more of a static ailment .

For the longest time I've mused that this condition(back acne) is justified when you look at it as being a phenomenon related the nature of my being/personality/mind. What I mean by that is that these bumps are a result of biological relationships whose interrelating parts imitate the higher nature's of it's host on in it's own unique way. Which would mean a variety of things about the nature of my character; things and meanings that are beyond my wisdom. I would have to know what aspects are wrong my spiritual being and cure that, before I could cure my acne entirely.

But that is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physiognomy, and although I subscribe to it, it is easy to dismiss. But if you have ever thought about it similarly I would love to hear what ideas you have come to! Anyway, hope I've contributed! Use the bee's and cross pollination thoughts to your advantage!!it will reduce breakouts (from my ongoing experience)

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