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Question about Diet and Acne

Now I've read a few of the threads here that relate to the (possible/plausible/likely) connection between diet and acne, and I was curious to ask you guys what you thought of my own situation--particularly, whether my acne may be related to extreme diet changes.

The reason I ask here is because I brought this up with my dermatologist, and they essentially poo-pooed the possibility that there's any connection between acne and diet (in a general sense, not just in my own situation). But I feel that it's VERY LIKELY that my diet is related to my current acne situation, and this is why:

As a teen I never had an acne problem, but I gradually became about 60-70 lbs overweight as a result of lack of exercise and poor diet. I became fed up with this about two years ago, and started the Atkins Diet. I was so excited with the results over the first couple months, that I went a bit extreme with it (one month I ate only hotdogs for the entire month and lost about 15 lbs during that month alone--unhealthy and irresponsible, I know). Altogether I lost about 80 lbs, before I got down to around 150 lbs (about 10 lbs under my recommended weight for my height). Now, this is where I think diet came into my acne problem. I began to experience an outbreak of acne around February of this past year, which was a month after I stopped the dieting, and had begun putting back on weight rather quickly. As my acne worsened, I realized that the salves, over-the-counter and even prescription medication I was on weren't doing much, but that the only thing I could do to curb the outbreaks (that is, not stop them completely, but keep them managable), was to restrict my diet again.

I'm currently on Accutane (but this is not an Accutane-related question, which is why I posted it here), and I've noticed that the same thing has begun to happen. My acne cleared up for a month or so, but now the only way I can curb my outbreaks is to again restrict my diet. Usually by eating only one meal a day.

I have trouble believing that diet has nothing to do with acne because everytime I eat, immediately afterwards I can feel the oil seeping out onto my face again. When I eat fast food, it's particularly bad.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this? And if so, whether they'd recommend anything? Laying off certain foods? Reading through certain important threads here on the forum that I may have overlooked? Any help is of course welcomed.

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Eating certain vegetable oils will make my face oily sometimes. Fruit oils like olive oil won't make me oily. Animal oils won't make me oily either, but i usually go for the lean cuts anyway. Cheese will make my face really oily. I stay away from them.

Stay away from fast food, candy, junk food, cold cuts, sodas, energy drinks, etc. Regardless of whether or not they cause acne, they're just not good for your overall health. They do a number on your immune health.

You could try cutting out the top 8 food allergens: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/food-allergies/AA00057

Cut them out for a month and, one by one, slowly add them to your diet again. And consume a lot of that one-thing you just added. That's how i discovered my intolerances. If any of them causes anything undesirable (e.g. bloating or gas; trouble breathing), that usually indicates some level of intolerance. Be strict with this and check all food labels.

Of course, you could always spend a little fortune and have yourself tested for food allergies at a clinic.

Dairy seems to be the top acne trigger among those whose acne is triggered by diet. It may or may not cause you acne, but without a single doubt, dairy causes acne in me.

This should go without saying, but get some exercise. Weight training, aerobic/cardio, and stretching are all important. Get adequate rest and normalize your sleeping hours/pattern. Manage stress. A proper diet that agrees with your body is only one part of the equation.

By the way, having only one meal a day is really bad for your metabolism.......... What do you usually eat for that one meal? If you're getting all of your day's energy in one meal, i gotta wonder what kind insulin spikes you're creating on a day-to-day basis. Regularity is key to keeping your hormones balanced.

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The trouble with the Atkins diet is that it still lets people eat crap like hot dogs. Eat real, nutrient dense foods.

And diet effects acne in so many ways: digestion, allergies and intolerances, liver function, adrenal function, hormone balance, SHBG levels, Insulin resistance, inflammation, cell function and turnover, sebum quality, nutrient deficiencies, body fat, etc, etc. And most of those overlap, along with environment and lifestyle habits like stress management, sleep and exercise.

Studies on diet and acne or other hormone issues:

Low GL diet helps acne article in medical journal:


Article on Low GI study


Another one referring to the study:


RMIT study:


Study on Acne-free island population


Study on association b/w acne and prostrate cancer w/diet IGF1 and androgens in conclusion.


Study on diet effecting PMS


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Eating too little changes your body's hormones, slows down the body's metabolism. The reverse could happen if you suddenly changed diet like that.

How long have you been on accutane?

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