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Does anyone know if Soya milk affects acne? I don't like the normal milk unless it's mixed in yoghurts or cakes, or things like that where I can't taste it, so I drink Soya milk. My spots are bigger nowadays and i'm wondering if soya Milk could be a reason?

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As far as I know, soy milk isn't an inflammatory agent, but keep in mind that everybody reacts differently. I don't like milk, either, so I buy soymilk. Soy never has broken me out, the only thing that I think breaks me out is eating greasy foods and possibly caffeine. Yogurt is great, keep that in your diet. Good luck!

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Soy and dairy break me out. Especially around my neck. It is one of the top 8 food allergens and there are others on this board who've been affected by soy. Dairy and soy are both dense with hormones too.

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The soya itself seems to be safe. The amount of phytoestrogen is insignificant.

There are no studies to check on other hormone contents, to date.

But if there were a problem, we would have heard of it by now.


There are soy products that contain fairly high amounts of simple carbs (high glycemic load sugars as in the French Vanilla flavoring) and high glycemic load intakes stimulate acne.

I personally use WestSoy's Organic Unsweetened.

No, I don't sit down to enjoy a tall cool glass of this stuff, but it is fine for cereal.

Remember, it takes about 6 months for the full effect of total dairy withdrawal, even though some improvement can occur in as little as a week or two. Take a look at www.acnemilk.com and www.godairyfree.org and www.thepaleodiet.com. I have no finanical interest in any of these.

And .. fearing Accutane? Used with appropriate care and in appropriate dose for appropriate time and with full dairy restriction, it is the absolute best treatment for acne BAR NONE. I have personally supervised almost 4000 patients in the last 26 years.

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just like everything else, some people don't break out from it and others do.

what she said

soy milk made me break out worst than milk. gave me huge, purple cysts.

so I stay away from both

that's just me personally

im just waiting for that someone to come here and argue that "milk, and food in general does not cause acne"

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