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Overcoming Adolescent Acne [Log]

So- where to begin? Facts, I think.

Current Age: 14yrs 7 months

Gender: female

Age Acne started: 12.5 yrs when it was only very, very mild *sigh*

Acne Severity now: mild to moderate before menstruating

Acne suspected causes: Menstruation cycle, heredity, hormonal imbalance (being a teenager with crazy hormones and all :wacko: )

Heredity: Yes, mum said she had acne from [about] age 13-18. Dad-mild I think.

And what I've previously tried:

Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

- helps but does not prevent acne to full extent

- Grandpa told me it's like 'mild': only kills bacteria for max. of half a minute

- I tried/still am trying swiping a liquid of about 5% TTO and 75% water on face 2 or 3 times daily

-> have been doing consistently for 3 weeks now

- did use TTO 100% as spot treat a while ago - very shiny/oily face :doubt:

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

- drinking 10mL /8 ounces (which is 250mL or one cup measurement) rain water.

-> have been doing this consistently for 1 month now

- healed scabs and sores of my body faster (who doesn't fall once in a while? :lol: )

- less of a breakout come menstruating

- heals pimples faster

- not doing so great at preventing pimples though :rolleyes:

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Cleanser/Mask with salicylic acid and natural clay minerals

- doesn't say how much SA in it, I rang up the Johnson and Johnson company to ask- they couldn't tell me because 'it's like a secret recipe' depending on how much SA you put, something like that

- I suspect there is less than 2% or even 1% because don't they have to say if it's 2% (max legal amount) as a warning? Maybe even less than 0.5% because Clean & Clear's moisturizer says it has 0.5% SA (written on the package of the product).

- feels good on skin

- not sure it prevents acne too much - haven't been using this consistently

--> friend has, and she still has mild acne.

- feels like that after-swimming feel on face- clean but...missing natural facial oil?

- just a side note: I think this is only sold in Australia? I couldn't find any reviews on it.

I'll write more later,

things to do.


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My grandpa used to be a Chemist. He recommended diluted dettol (acording to instructions on the bottle) or maybe hydrogen peroxide. But dettol first because hydrogen peroxide needs more contact time with the skin to kill all 'nitty gritty' bacteria- not just the 'easy-to-remove, not-so-tough' bacteria than dettol does- diluted of course.

So I'm thinking... next time I go shopping (soon probably) - some Dettol I will get!

Gah I've really got to change my signature- it's OLD!

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Just come back from the beach. The sun, salt and sand does wonders for my skin.

Maybe using dead sea salts for my face might work out?

I'm thinking next option, if the ACV makes no improvement, Dettol or dead sea salts but must do more research into the latter first to make an educated decision.

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sweetie! youre grandpa is right about tea tree oil not being a strong enough antiseptic and that hydrogen peroxide and dettol are more so, but PLEASE do not put this on your skin!!! your young, healthy skin will quickly become irritated by these harshproducts. especially for a less mild case, hydrogen peroxide and dettol will KILL the reforming tissue that's trying to heal up the spots where your old acne was. they will also dry out your skin in the bad way, without ridding you of the oil!

sea salt is a great choice, and slightly antiseptic. but remember to apply it GENTLY. some people on here have mixed it wiht water in a spray bottle, let it dissolve, and then sprayed it on their faces.

teat tree oil is mainly for the use of drying out sebum, and some antiseptic qualities.

acv is also great. in addition to drinking it, try using it as a toner instead of the hp or dettol.

cleanser and mask also seem good, but once again, by careful about being gentle to your skin with these.

and if you feel like you still need something to remove bacteria, try mixing a TEENY bit of neosporin (or other topical antbacterial ointment that you can pick up in the drugstore) in with you cleanser.

i tell you to be gentle caus eI had your exact acne when I was your age, and not being gentle to my skin caused a whole lot of problems. once i was more gentle, my skin healed better, broke out less, didn't flake, and left way less marks and no scars.

good luck girlie!

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Oh thanks jokerj, I'm rethinking my 'acne plan'...

now it's heaps of water (around 2L) and I have been doing aspirin masks but my skin is very sensitive and they leave me with a gentle-sunburnt appearance. So I'm holding them off for a while- maybe once a week. Sometimes I smear warm (not hot) tea bag of Green Tea on my face. I've cut off the ACV altogether. I think it is responsible for ruining my skin tone by applying it topically. Drinking it just made me eat alot less

I don't want to try bp cos first of all I live in Australia and can't get it any less than about $16 for a small tube! And shipping it in ups the price to around $30 ?? last time i checked i think. oh and secondly- my sensitive, pale skin would, I'm sure, end up looking like a red, flaky warzone! And no I am not interested in 'getting my skin used to it'.

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drop all the harsh chems, hon, and just get a nice scrub from the drugstore and some moisturizer (that does not clog pores) and wear it to bed, youll be fine you dont need all that harsh crap like BP!

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Scrubs can cause irritation and I don't believe they actually do anything great for clearing up or preventing acne.

I was thinking of going with sea salt in water for a while (just smear it on with a cotton circle- the ones that can be used for removing makeup or dabbing antiseptic on wounds) but I just tried it and it leaves white specs of salt on my dryer-skin areas. I could go with this, get some aloe vera gel and put it on at night but definitely not go to school like that. Or maybe I'm not diluting it enough.

Has anyone tried Aloe Vera Gel (clear) from the shops? When I use the inner leave (clear part) from the Aloe Vera plant on my face, it doesn't really absorb into your skin and gets pretty tight. I thought maybe the shop one would absorb better... also I would be able to keep it for longer.

I sort of want to try BP but really don't want to become dependent on it. But hearing other people have such success with BP is getting to me. I want beautiful, clear skin too!

The pill? I've heard this, over time (as with any other treatment), can reduce skin oiliness and lessen acne too. There are lower dose pills out there that are specifically used for acne among other things.... http://www.acne.org.au/hormonal_agents.php

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I just smeared Benzac AC 2.5% benzoyl peroxide on the left side of my face. I've been using it on my chest for three days now (once daily) and its cleared all the tiny pimples, now just waiting for the inflamed ones to heal.

No redness whatsoever! Other Benzac AC users haven't had redness/much redness either (take a look at the reviews for it).

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Now I've been using the BP twice daily (was using only once daily to test for reactions after finding patch test on arm was all good) on the left side of my face (by treating only one side of my face, I can see the difference it's done) for about... 3 days. Let's say I started on the BP on the new year because that's easy to remember. I now have had a bit of redness-mild sunburn look which can be expected with the BP.

Did you know that BP is used at a 50% concentration in the hardener for Builder's Bog?

Regarding the chest acne...it's been 3 days of applying once daily (at night) plus 4 days of applying twice daily and my skin there is looking generally healthier... with fewer inflamed pimples and the previously-inflamed pimples have gone into temporary 'red marks'

I am just dying for the next shopping trip to Coles which I can buy some of their 100% (or close to 100%) Aloe Vera gel... which I think could heal the red marks faster and it does generally sooth skin and make it look better. This is going to be my moisturizer in the Regimen- like DK's how he says it's important to moisturize.

But what about sunscreen in the regimen? I don't want my skin to age prematurely! But then the Aloe Vera is magic in this:

I tried Aloe Vera -from the inner leaf of the plant in my backyard-for about 2 weeks every night just smear it on and leave it all night. Results were pretty impressive. Lift your eyebrows as high as you can right now and see how many wrinkles you have. After using Aloe Vera my wrinkles (judging by the eyebrow lifting method cos I'm only 14) were down to one third if not half as many. And my skin was very healthy looking even though I had mild acne.

I feel like when I write all this stuff down I am just rambling on and on with an excess of detail but for others to read this- to understand it- I think I need all the details. Right? I could right sooo much more but for now I think this is plentiful.

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Sunscreen helps reduce redness and you probably will need it since you are using BP.

The sunscreen will help with redmarks and redness. When I wasn't wearing sunscreen during the summer my redmarks got a lot worse.

Good luck though! It seems like BP is helping you.

I hope the aloe vera works well too.

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