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RetinA Micro Quests

I'm currently in college, and recently have developed persistently severe breakouts on my cheeks, as well as my back. I tried to make a dermatologist appoint., but will have to wait almost 6 months. In the meantime my physician prescribed me Retin A micro 0.04 %.

I've been using it about two weeks, and although my skin has improved, I'm not sure the medication is evoking the desired therapeutic effects. I got a few new pimples in the days following initial application, and after about a week my skin was somewhat red, flaky and sensitive, but since no peeling, etc. Should I request the higher concentration?

Pertaining to my back, i read the micro formulation contains microsponges that act as a time release mechanism, and are easily washed off. If i apply the gel to my back, do the microsponges get rubbed off by my clothing, sheets, etc?

I understand this takes time to evaluate, and i will certainly allow such before jumping to conclusions. Thanks.

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I am in my sixth week of Retin-a Micro. Besides some minimal changes the first couple weeks, it wasn't until about the 4th week in which my skin started to react to the treatment. With RAM your skin goes through several phases. For the first few weeks I had no irritation and also thought that a higher concentration might help. However at week six my face is completely irritated and breaking out like mad (which i keep being told is expected)... so I would def. give it some time before you decide on a higher concentration.

I don't have body acne so I can't really answer your second question, but i am sure someone around here can.

good luck with RAM. I too am in college- doesn't it suck having acne at what is supposed to be the best time of your life?

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