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Mandy Ann

This is the only stuff that's worked for my red marks.

It's called Finacea aka "azelaic acid". It's a prescription topical (meant for rosacea, but it's also used for acne and hyperpigmentation as well.) ***

And lucky for you's, I have pics. I don't have any very recent ones, but you get the idea. The "before" pics were taken many months ago when my marks where at their somewhat worse... the "after" pics were taken maybe 4 months ago? I can't remember. Also, sorry about the webcam quality.. gotta work with whatcha got though, so bare with it.

Also, fyi.. I've tried a ton of other stuff to try to get rid of my marks, such as--

*chemical peels (glycolic, lactic AND salicylic acid)

* Nightly alpha hydroxy lotion


* Lemon juice

* Egg whites

* Topical skin lightners such as niacinamide. (it worked a tiny bit, but thats it.)

Before (yes, those are all red marks on my face, no active acne. It was quite severe if you can tell)







Also, if you enjoy having a tan, don't use this stuff then lol. It made my already pale skin even more ghostly :P but yeah, hopefully someone finds this post useful.. hopefully it helps someone. Take it or leave it.

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Do you know if it's safe to use while on Accutane?

I don't really want to say "yes", but who knows. I ask you to please ask your derm. For me, finacea doesn't dry out my skin or make it irritated, but on accutane, your skin is faaaar more sensative so it could affect you negatively. Plus, most derms prefer for people to just let accutane do its thing and not use any topicals until your course is ended.

Wait, so how many months did you use this?

I've been using this for nearly 5 months now.

Also, a quick edit -

I mentioned I couldn't remember when my "after" pictures were taken and assumed they were around 4 months old. Now that I think about it, however, I'm thinking the pics are around 3 months old rather because I got my best results after a couple months of using the finacea.

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Mandy Ann,

Thanks for this thread. It's really helpful to see before and after photos. There are hardly any for people with red marks. I am really glad this has worked for you. There is tremendous improvement. Thanks again for sharing.

No problem! Yeah it can be frusterating when someone says something works but there are no pics to provide to see how bad their marks were/how much improvement they've had. I hope this helps someone :)

wow, congrats... :clap:

Thanks ;)

Did you have an IB with this at all?

Nope, I don't think so. If I did, it was pretty small, but I probably assumed it was related to PMS at the time. Nothing that panicked me. :P

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