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Oregano Oil topically

HEy I just wanted to tell you guys something that helped someone I know. This someone is an ex-girlfiend who I ran into about 4 months ago. SHe was blown away by my skin since she was dating me when it was at its worst(cysts and pustules galore!). anyway, ive been talking to her alot and trying to help her get her acne under control. She claims shes been following the diet I layed out, but I doubt it. SHe wasnt getting much results at all after 2 months so I told her to stop using cleansers/toners/moisturizers and just use water which helped tremendously! Her skin was getting better by the day. WHen I saw her a month ago her skin was looking much better but still had some bumps that to me looked like foliculitis, but hey im no doctor. I told her to put a drop or two of oregano oil in a glass of water and wash with that and let it air dry or pat lightly and leave slightly damp. I hadnt spoken to her since then so I had no idea if it was doing anything or if she even kept at it. Well she was over at my moms house yesterday when I went over and her skin is basically perfect. I couldnt believe it. SHe said that within a week of doing this her face cleared up and hadnt broken out since. I was blown away by the results. SHe is still eating healthier, but far from perfect. I hope this can help someone who feels they have tried every diet, topical, etc with no results.

SO in short, morning and night put about 2 drops of oregano oil in 8 oz. of water and pour into hands and splash/lightly massage into face just like you would with a cleanser. Dont rinse with water afterwards, just let air dry and pat lightly leaving your skin slightly damp, your choice. DOnt make it harder than it needs to be. Theres no special technique here. Youll spill a lot, but who cares. I gave her pure, undiluted oregano oil so if you cant find that just use a little more. Too much will burn your skin which you dont want. Just experiment with it to see how much you need of whatever kind you get. If you want to know where i get mine just pm me, otherwise I think any brand would work. Undiluted being the best IMO. Oregano oil has antibacterial/anti-fungal properties and is also believed to increase circulation to where it is applied. I hope someone tries this and has success.

p.s.- i have no scientific studies/articles to back up any of this. SO all you people who demand a published scientific study in order to believe something, well you're shit out of luck. Im not here to argue about how doctors say this or that, so save it for someone who actually cares enough to argue about such things :hand:

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Thanks for the tip! I was thinking of trying nature's anti-biotic, but was a little worried that it would burn my skin.

It's good to know that this has worked for someone. Thanks for sharing.

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