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New Forum Category Suggestion

It seems that the most common side effect from DKR is dryness and flaking after BP usage.

And I've seen post after post about issues related to dryness and flaking especially for those who are new to the regimen.

Could I suggest another sub Category for Dry and Flaky Skin just like there are forum categories for Mild Acne (whiteheads), Moderate Acne, and Severe Acne (cysts)?

Not only would this be informative to many it would allow the beginners to find answers to the common and yet hardest side effect of Dan's BP: dryness and flakiness.

It would help those who are starting to really give it there best shot at this regimen while overcoming the hardest stage of the regimen:the beginning.

I'm pretty sure most people agree that "your face gets worse before it gets better" (not everyone but most people experience severe drying and flakes flakes flakes). Well, this would be a small step towards eliminating that notion just a bit =P

Plus it would be more organized and easier for the moderators find those who need help starting and Staying on the regimen.

Thanks for listening!

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I agree Sunaah.

It would be much easier for beginners to simply click on a category for Beginner Questions so they do not need to make superfluous threads on those matters.

Also, i am happy your clearing up. Hopefully your purging is done, and that you won't get new formed pimples after.

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lol tim dont jinx it. Im pretty afraid of them coming back lol. I i think i found some good ideas to combat drying and flaking. I just feel like I want a sub category forum dedicated for beginners who deal with this common issue. Then I would love to share everything I am learning cuz then i know my words about this specific topic is not getting lost in the myriad of posts and topics. Please Dan read this!

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A lot of this is covered in the FAQ section.


I agree with sunaah to

yah the FAQ has "stuff" on dryness and snowflakes but isnt the reason we have a forum is because the FAQ is not totally comprehensive?

and lol its just funny cuz dryness and flake bakes are what most people complain about and yet there wasnt a place designated for this stuff

just my two cents

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