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please help! im sorry to bother you guys again

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HI <sadly> I think i developed a new scar from a large lumpy zit i had a few days ago...the retin a and bezyl made it very dry and the scab accidently came off int he shower....today im left with a red uneven "scar cluster" thing that im not quite sure whether is healed or not...the skin on it is kind of shiny like a keloid and there are several indents(small) on the skin in a cluster...its not like my typical depressed indent scars....its much more complex looking sad.gif....does dermabarasion or any laser work for this type of scar? sorry about being so pesty...im just scared this is the last stage and im stuck with this scar...its pretty weird lookinh compared to others....thanx...alia

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I think it owuld be wise to give it a few days to see how it turns out. I think you will be fine, just dong touch it or pick it. Maybe consider putting some neosporin or moisturizer on the wound.

Yes laser will definately take care of these minor indents if they do not heal on their own.


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I had a nasty zit two weeks ago. I got antsy and picked. I ripped the skin fairly good however I put neosporin on it afterwards and no scar.

Thank you neosporin..

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