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scar treatments stop 'life'


Im having a hard time with my needling, and it interfering with my life.

I am inbetween jobs- and now have to change career paths for a little while... A year..

My work involves being in a pool and being wet for about 1/2 a day here and there. I dont think that needling, and tca treatments would respond well to being wet so often.

All I want is my skin to heal, but I also now have to find a job, for a year, that allows me to stay dry, and take time off when required for treatments....

I dont really want to 'face' the public, but I guess I will have to. I hope make up will cover this...I detest wearing make up, because I believe it makes my scars look worse, and I cant hide whats going on , on my cheeks. I guess I will begin wearing make up to cover this redness I get from home rolling. I go hard, otherwise theres no point, and it leaves me red for days, and as soon as the redness is gone, I need a peel, and more needling.

Im getting needling dont with my dr. on tuesday. How messed up will I look???

Funny, ive lived with zits, and terrible skin for YEARS, and only now, am I tired of putting on a brave face, and im being a hermit. This year of my entire life changing can only be a good thing I guess...this better work, because ive quit my job for it.

(im doing further study to take my career places when im ready, so its not entirely wasted)

I need to find a job thats casual for a while. This sucks.

Im also selling a house and going for finance...this SUCKS.

just my whing for today.

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