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I know that Dan says to use his cleanser, but I just don't like the idea of using a cleanser as a shaving cream. I have a pretty heavy growth and I just don't think the cleanser would suit well as a shaving cream. I have my acne under control fairly decently, but now I just get razor burn on the underside of my face. My neck, etc. I know how to shave and I don't go against the grain anymore these days because I'd rather have no irritation than a close shave.

Anyway, what are some shaving creams that you guys have had the most success with? Right now I'm really thinking about ordering Jack Black's Beard Lube. It sounds good, but it's pretty pricey (which maybe isn't that bad because I only shave once or twice a week). Here's the link: http://www.getjackblack.com/jb/catalog.nsf...CF7DC&loc=c

Has anyone tried this cream?

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the most effective thing for me(and ive tried the cleanser) is using preshave oil/shaving cream/badger hair brush from the art of shaving. the shave is wonderful. i will never use canned shaving cream again, or shave without a brush to lather up first. also, i recommend shaving at least every 2 days because letting the hair grow any longer will be more irritating to shave. if you use the art of shaving products, the shave will be so smooth you wont mind shaving EVERY day. head over to the local nordstrom to pick these products up because if you get them there you can always take them back if you dont like them as much as me. good luck and happy shaving!

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