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Jojoba Oil Makes All the Difference in the World

I just received my kit of Dan's products last week, but this week I ordered the jojoba oil as well.

I can't tell you what a difference jojoba oil makes in the regimen.

I use it to remove makeup and also as a moisturizer over bp/or just mixed with Dan's moisturizer. I also do a technique mentioned on the forums where you wash your face, mostly dry it, then rub a little jojoba over your face, wait 2 minutes and towel the excess off, then put on your bp.

I can't tell you what a difference jojoba oil makes. AFTER TWENTY YEARS OF IRRITATION FROM BP, I NOW HAVE NONE.

This stuff is amazing. Dan if you are reading this, please know that there are now studies on roceasa patients that show that jojoba oil is an effective anti-inflammatory. Maybe that's why I have no irritation. I was so intrigued with the jojoba oil I started researching it and found the study.

I also appreciate that Dan's moisturizer is heavy in jojoba, as it's main ingredient.

I also now use jojoba as a leave in hair conditioner and body lotion. It's uses are endless.

It should be an essential part of the regimen, in my opinion, not just an option.

Oh I love the dropper bottle too. Much less messy than other brands in regular bottles, I'd imagine.

Have I said enough? Folks if you haven't already, try this stuff!

sorry, in my enthusiasm I worded it wrong, I was in such a rush to post!

I got my jojoba for the first time WITH THE KIT and used it all together. I have never used the jojoba before, but I have used the other products.

That's how I know jojoba is amazing.

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It's great stuff! I used the regimen for over a year without it and did fine without it, but jojoba oil really came through for me when winter weather became harsher and normal moisturizer was't doing the job. It has since become a staple of my routine. I also use a couple of drops in my hair to smooth it out and control frizzies :)

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