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Throbbing so bad!

Hi, I feel your pain, I had one just like this last week. It wasn’t even that big but it felt like a monster that throbbed all day.

Whenever I get a spot/cyst like this I get an aspirin, crush it up into a fine powder and add a little water (just enough to make it into a paste) and dab it on the area. I know its not possible to do this during the day when ya have to leave the house but when you get home apply it straight away and leave it on as long as possible (not overnight as it flakes and you don’t want aspirin going anywhere near your eyes!).

You should find that when you wake up the next day that the swelling has gone down significantly and it will also be less painful....I would recommend repeating this every evening until the spot/cyst goes away....

Good Luck

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It's right below my nose. I'm not even touching it, but I can feel it throbbing--growing, even. It's so fricken red. How do I make it gone asap. :(

First, address the pain. For this the secret is cold. Apply an ice cube wraped in a single sheet of plastic wrap. Apply it directly to the lesion 10 min on/ 10 min off for about an hour. The pain should be greatly reduced. Do this a few times a day.

Hope this helps.

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crush ibuprofen, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to make a paste, ey presto! no pain and little redness.

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