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Accutane-5months of 40 mg-135 pounds

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I'm so nervous about it coming back,i have only 9 days of accutane left and that will make it 5 months. I started clearing up from day one so my derm thinks 40 mg for 5 months is sufficient,but i doubt her judgement.

what do you guys think? She wants me to go on retin-a after i am done.

do you guys think i should do an extra month on my own?

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hey.....dun stop.... 5 months not enough, believe me....i had 3 courses of accutane, my experience told me 5 months of 40mg is defintely not enough. Acne will be back..... u need 8 months of 40mg. Maybe it's depends on individual but it's my own view but to me, 40mg for 5 months are REALLY not enough.

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i read that for 5 months the best is 1mg/kg per day.

if taking lower than that extendto you hit 150kg.

example i way 130 , 60 kg.

150 days times 1mg/kg =150kg.

iam at a week 12, though not clear, improving

i just need to make sure to moisturze alot irration ands rashes

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It really depends on the individual. My X-girlfriends acne never came back after one session of accutane. I believe she took it for 5 months. I am currently on my third session. Maybe talk to your derm about using topicals after accutane to help keep the acne away.



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