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Worsened breakouts when starting clindamycin topical?

My doctor prescribed a topical clindamycin cream (clindasol) for the papules and pustules around my mouth. But I've been using it for a week (not a long time, I know) and I'm having way more p&p's than before =( I didn't think an antibiotic would cause purging. I am going to keep using this stuff for another month, but I hope I'm not bothering my skin with it. I have had one huge pustule come to a big, painful head and I don't know what to do with it.

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I used to take clindamycin phosphate get along with 2.5 bp. At first, there was an initial breakout, but it gets better. It just takes time. For me it was about four weeks before I noticed a change. For you, it could be different. I have severe cystic acne, so eventually it stopped working and I have to have a plan B. I hope everything works out for you and that this has helped you. Also, stay out of the sun if you can and if you can't, wear sunscreen and limit the duration of sun exposure.

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i've also been on clindamycin and the purge lasted for a month. it got better gradually, but the breakouts were really painful, i could barely touch my face. my acne was severe & hormonal, so i'm pretty sure very few people would have an initial breakout that badly. while i was on clindamycin i was also on antibiotics and the sun sensitivity during the first week was high. i remember having to shield my eyes from the sun bc it bothered my eyes so much. so definitely use a sunscreen! good luck.

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