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Regimen is drying my face out!

I've been on the regimen for a week or so using 5% benzoyl peroxide on my face. The BP definitely works, but it's drying my face out severely. Within ten minutes of applying the BP now, my entire face is all flaky. I've tried moisturizing more but i'm worried that the moisturizer makes me break out. I've been trying three or four different moisturizers, just ones that I had around for my hands and no breakouts happened for a few day,s but then overnight last night four tiny pimples started appearing. What am i supposed to do? BP seems to work, but it's so drying.. and I dont' know which moisturizer if any is good for my face!

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5% is pretty strong, how much are you using and how often a day?

Even with the recommended strength of BP (2.5%) it can take several weeks for your skin to adjust.

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I'll check out avene products. I'm not using 5% panoxyl gel for any particular reason, it was just recommended to me by a doctor a long time ago so I didn't know what else was out there

2.5% sounds good though. since it's supposed to be just as effective but less drying? I'm going to look for it in the future.

I've seen the suggested amount pictures on this site, and try to use as little as possible, but I probably use much more than I should (especially if you go by how much I'm supposed to use for the first few weeks ) because I find it hard to spread that small of an amount over my entire face? It seems to dry fast or something. I don't know.

I could be rushing it and not letting my skin slowly adjust to all the BP.

I hope I get used to doing the regimen, i seem to be having decent results with it so far , but it sure isn't much fun! The waiting between applying everything.. the dry flakey face..

Can you get BP from generic, aka cheaper brands that are just as effective?

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Neutrogena On the Spot is a 2.5% BP that you can find it most any major chain store like Wal-Mart, Target, or even the facial care aile of grocery stores! It'd be a good way to test out how your skin will like the 2.5% stuff! If you're having trouble getting it all spread evenly, then try just putting BP on parts of your face - do your forehead first, then cheeks, then chin, etc.

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