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1 month on Doxycycline 16 weeks clindamycin

Hey people, need your opinion

16- Clear skin odd pimple

17- more spots

18- even more spots - went to doctor to get clindamycin

19- Been on meds for a long time now, not really making much difference

My question is this, my acne is very mild (2/3 active spots at a time) and I've been considering something

My brothers both have reasonably clear skin and have never used products on their skin, just water. They are both in their teens 17/21

I've used so much shite on mine, Clearasil , clean and clear, neutrogena , BP, Salicylic acid, soaps etc

To be totally honest my skin was better before i started using all these, at 18 it got bad enough that i would have 2/3 active spots on my chin all the time

If you were me what would you do?

1.Come off antibiotics (both oral and topical)

2.Come off oral antibiotic (still use topical)

3.Continue to use both ( Don't really see the point of this as antibiotics are only temporary and if i take them until I'm 21/22 there is a chance it could come back worse once i stop, where if i go the natural way, i could be clear by 21//22)

4. Just wash face with Cetaphil facial cleanser twice a day

I'm liking number 4 because even if i do brake out at least I'll know how effective the meds have been, i hate relying on drugs )


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