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i really dont understand why my acne is as bad as it is. my parents both said they had acne but it was nothing very noticeable, just a few pimples. my brother and sister both had perfectly fine skin growing up. and and my age it was rare for either of them to get a single pimple.(i'm 17). so i'm pretty confused as to why i have acne really. i think it could be because i tried to use products on it. my skin is pretty sensitive so it could just be a way of telling me i shouldnt be touching it. its obvious that the couple of pimples that i used to get here and there were genetic, but there must be something that triggered my moderate-severe acne in the last 3 or 4 months. one of the things i can think of is that my brother had pretty much full grown facial hair. i have read that the oil glands and the hair glands are connected. so maybe its my genes wanting to grow hair but my skin being an idiot.??? the other thing was my brother used to tan when he was in highschool. well we'll see how it goes. i'm considering quitting the regimen again for long term. and see if that does anything. right now i would consider my acne moderate but my skin is very irritated by benzoyl peroxide.

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Genetics is rarely as cut and dry as you seem to think. Many traits are the result of many genes acting in concert with each contributing only a little bit. Things like height and intelligence along with acne are all prominent examples of these polygenic traits. The truth is that with so many genes contributing to such things it is hard to identify which genes are actually contributing. Things like eye color (controlled by four genes) are much easier to predict and identify.

But acne is certainly (at least partly) genetic but that does not mean you can't figure out how to control it.

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