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Kick-start natural moisturizing?

Hey everone,

I've got through acne by essentially leaving it alone, washing my face with a mild cleanser twice and day and moisturizing. Before that, I was using BP which pretty much destroyed my skin. For a while I was stupid enough to use it combined with B5 vitamin pills and without moisturizer. I do, however, even if it is being used correctly, not recommend it to anyone.

My issue right now is that my skin still feels incredibly dull. I've gotten help from a skin specialist with pore-cleansing and an aloe vera lotion that has prevented any further outbreaks. Right now I'm left with red marks that I'm treating with MD formulations AHA renewal cream every second night. AHA is supposed to get the natural moisturizing process going again, especially combined with the Aloe Vera lotion, however there's still along way to go.

I wanted to hear if anyone has any suggestion on how to "kick-start" my skin again so that it doesn't end up all dull as soon as I'm stepping out of the shower. I'm leaving in Scandinavia by the way, so the weather ain't helping at this time of the season. Should I be cutting down on my Aloe moisturizer? After all it's "replacing" the natural moisturze the skin produces. Perhaps it would be better to not use it all to much, so that the skin starts to moisturize more by itself (instead of feeling tricked right now about being moisturizing enough already). Should I be trying a moisturizing mask a couple of times every week instead?

Suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi there :)

I tried using 99% aloe vera gel as a moisturiser on its own (I applied it with wet hands so it was sort of diluted with water) in my search for something natural but it really dried my skin out!

A lot of people here/ on makeupalley.com recommend jojoba oil or rosehip oil for a natural moisturiser - you might to look into that?

Or if you really want to cut on the moisturiser and let you skin moisturise itself, maybe try using a hydrating toner and skip the moisturiser?

Hope it helps.... I have yet to find a working routine ..... :rolleyes:

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