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kitty's mom

How can you get rid of cystic acne?


I originally joined this board as Kitty's mom, because my 17 y/o daughter was considering taking accutane. Well, now she has decided against it and is on bcp. Just started that a bit over a week ago, so not seeing any real results, yet.

In the meantime, my 20 y/o daughter, who has always had clear skin with an occasional zit every now and then, has developed cystic acne.

She went to the dermo in late October, who put her on minocycline for the past month. This does not seem to help, in fact her face has gotten worse and she is discovering new bumps every day.

Needless to say, she (and I) is very frustrated by this. We are trying to decide what might be the cause.....overwashing, overdrying, stress (she says she is not stressed, except by her breakouts), diet, make up (she has been using bare minerals since Feb and this recent breakout started in late September when she got a new jar of the make up).

anyway....HELP!!!!! I need to try to find something for both of my girls.....I have suggested accutane, which I myself took for cystic acne when I was 30.....I just don't want them to continue to suffer with this monster called acne.

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i mean honestly.. if accutane worked for you, i'm sure it will work for them too.. but browse the forums there's various potential solutions...

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