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My Regime!

Hi everyone!

I'v been suffering from Acne from the age of 11 and im 21 this March. I think the reason for my Acne is hereditary because from wht i hear from my mother she had tons and tons of acne thru her teenage and he adult life. The one thing that gives me hope is that she is all cleared out now...but she does have some scars. She keeps telling me that i will grow out of it (like her) but i dont want to just not do anything abt my acne.

Iv been to a cpl of dermatologists and they gave me a variety of cream and Gels. It was always like use two gels on alternative nights. I was never asked to do anything to my skin in the day.

Even though this did not completely clear my acne...it did help reduce the breakouts.

Its safe to say that i pick my acne all the time...and due to think i do hav tons and tons of red marks.

Iv realized that wht i was doing was just making my condition worse...so iv given up touching my skin (well almost!).

My Current Regime:

*Use Nivea Visage Purifying water cleanser (twice-after i wake up and before i go to bed)

Sodium laureth sulpate
Aluminium cholro hydrate
*I apply Clingard Gel
clindamysin 10mg
sodium methylparaben IP 1mg
sodium propylparaben IP .5mg
in gel base
and Sotret gel
Isotretinoin USP .05%
In gel base
Alcohol content 94%

on alternate nights.

*I do use Nivea Gentle scrub probably once a week!

This dosnt seem to be doing anything great for my skin. It does keep my Acne at bay...but not all the time. So its safe to say its not very effective.

Iv read Dan's regime and im definitly going to give it a try. any suggestions on wht moisturizer to use? and can i use the nivea cleanser for the regime?

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