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Cleanser And Mosturizer In INDIA????

Hello everyone

I just stumbled upon this site a few days ago and im gonna give Dan's Regime a try. I hav Moderate Acne with lots of Blackheads in my nose and chin and more than acne i hav tons and tons of red marks on my face.

I used Bengel Gel 2.5% a long time ago....and i think this will work for the regime.

Now im totally confused abt wht cleanser and moisturizer to use :cry:

I am currently using Nivea Visage Purifying water cleanser for over a month now, its ok for my skin...ie. to say the acne has not worsened and it keeps my skin dry and not oily..

Previously I was using Speelac Gel which was prescribed by a Derm...that worked pretty well too...i stopped using that becuz i was using it for over a year and i read this article abt medicated products leading to cancer of the skin which really freaked me out! :wall:

Is it ok to keep using the Nivea Cleanser or should i go in for some other cleanser...suggestions plz.

I hav never ever used Moisturizer in my whole life... :wacko: Which product shd i use.

And i also hav this doubt abt the regime...after applying the BP shd i apply the moisturizer after the Bp dries??? And wht if my skin does not dry after the Bp shd i just skip the Mosurizer?!

Thanks in advance. i really hope this works for me :pray:

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I'm not on the regimen so I can't comment on all that but the Nivea stuff is probably too harsh with the regimen, usually anything labelled "purifying" or "pore tightening" etc. has some kind of active ingredient. You need a non medicated gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, Purpose, etc.--check Dan's list of recommended products in the product reviews! If they don't have those where you live just look for something labelled "gentle" and also "non-comedogenic."

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hi Jess

thank you so much for the info...! i did look into Dan's recommended products and sadly they are not available from where i come from. :cry:

But like you suggested i think i will look for something that is gentle.

And also do you think i can use Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer?

Thank you for your help! :angel:

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You can try Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser, both of which are easily available at the chemist stores in India. I have been using cetaphil cleanser as a face wash for over a year and it works very well. The moisturiser works well if I am in a dry climate but its good for night use nonetheless.

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I've only recently started the regimen. ANd its WORKING! My skin is a little drier than usual, but i'll take dryness over the zits. OK so to answer your question-- the cleanser I use is Cetaphil twice a day (all over my face) I also use Himalaya's soap free cleanser for Oily skin (only around problem areas, which for me is my jawline and cheeks) once a day. I think I'm over doing the cleansing part-- which explains the dryness.

As for the moisturizer-- I'm using Clinique Moisture Surge which is an oil free hypoallergenic fragrance free moisturizer. It doesnt make your skin oily for the most part. After about 8 hours (by which point I'm all set to cleanse with Cetaphil anyway) I see a slight sheen around the t-zone. It's non-greasy and really light.

The BP I'm using is called Presol Gel (2.5%)

Hope that helps!

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