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What's working for me, FINALLY!

Hi there guys, finally i think i've found a regime put together by myself that is working well so far!

My skin - is basically red marks (asian background, see profile picture!) i would say 80% marks and 20% actual spots. These marks make my skin look bad, it's what annoys me more since i actually know i don't have a spot there!

I was using dan's regimne, helped a bit, but not as much as i wanted/hoped for. As i have more red marks then actual spots, reading that BP prolongs the marks being there, put me off a bit and also that coming off BP will cause an IB, i was screwed both ways basically!

However, i got to this point by accident, as i was running very low on dan's stuff, and i was skint on money that month, and i need something quick in order to keep my skin clean etc and not miss a day. I found "Cetaphil" and my god that feels nice putting on!

So basically what i do everyday is keep a good healthy diet, i tend to eat scrambled egg on toast everyday, 3 eggs with crème freche (tastes much nicer compared to milk), i take a Zinc tablet of 15mg and a Vitamin C tablet of 1000mg a day. I try my best to eat healthily everyday, but that costs alot nowadays, but i do my best, i'm only human. Make sure to eat alteast 5 fruit a day too! I go to bed at 12 to 12:30 now, compared to my usual nodding off at around 2am and make sure to get around at least 8 hours of sleep, now i know most people doesn't think sleep helps acne, but hey who cares, i feel ALOT better every day, more alert, less down etc, so if it helps acne that is a big bonus, especially where i work, being awake helps alot so sleeping pattern has help loads. In the morning i use Cetaphil, now i was scared of weening off BP, so i used it as a spot treatment to start with, on the active spots i had at that time, then just stopped, praying that i don't get that IB off BP. 2 weeks in, nothing so i am really pleased about that, guess i'm lucky. So now it's Cetaphil then nothing, if i'm leaving the house, i will use moisturiser and a little cover up, but that's it. Now in the evening i use St.Ives Invigorating scrub, this stuff is amazing, my skin is so so smooth now after using this for a few days. Smells nice i think and not too expensive, really impressed with this product. After this, i wait around 10 minutes, then i apply Sudocreme to my marks for over night, i think this stuff helps alot in stopping new spots, in 2 weeks, i haven't had a single spot that's noticeable, even if i get a little one, within a day, it's gone down drastically. Also, before i shower, and before i wash at night, i put medium to hot water in the sink, and then hold my head under it for around 1 minute 30 seconds. I read somewhere this helps in un clogging pores, so far so good it's helping.

Sorry for the long post, just so surprised i've not had a new spot, and even my mum complimented my skin, i'm glad to be off BP also for my skin type.


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Congrats Belloni! I'm envious!!

I've been working on my dark spots too (Asian descent also, HOLLA!!)

Please don't forget to update us on your progress!

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Sudocreme does wonders for marks.

Also, i am eating at around every 2 hours, i think this helps nutrition also.

Oh also, drinking around atleast 6 litres of water a day!

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