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My accutane adventure

To all the people suffering with severe acne my heart goes out to u guys, i've had it for the last 3-4 years and its been hell, but also great at the same time, because now i dont feel self concious, or worried in social situations, and i feel such a greater understand of ppl and life, its awesome. SAo in a way i am thankful for all that has happened....being called pizza face while i'm with my girlfriend, having people who dont rele kno me bring it up in front of a bunch of ppl embarassing the fuck out of me, some dickhead shouting " u need to use some clearasil mate" and the list goes on. Things everyone here has experienced and can relate to, infact reading other peoples experiences on it seemed to make it that lil bit easier. If your acne is that bad, and i mean THAT bad, where u cnt rele see ur face and are getting called names, then def go for accutane, i've been on ir for just over a month nd its cleared my skin, its not as bad as the hype, altho i am having many side effects, depression being one of them but this is controlled by a supplment called 5HTP. Anyway it will be worth it, theres a small price to pay for everything, and its the only thing that will actually work.

anyone else had any insults hurled at them worse than mine? i've seen some pretty bad ones around the site

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Hello, my first post on this website. That's good that your clearing up. I will start my Accutane soon. Sorry that you have to go through those insults. Keep us up to date on everything. Goodluck

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hey thats awsome how great ur skin is doing!! u must b soooo happy!! what doseage r u on?

yea iv had some mean insults too, mostly from my mum off all people, she loves to make me feel awful about it. whenever she sees me in the morning without makeup she calls out "spotty!!" and starts laughing, or goes, "ergh ur skin looks terrible Carol". but whats probably the worst is if i have friends over or she has her bitchy friends over she goes to me "what are those huge welts all over ur face u keep getting? r they bites or something? what r they Carol?" with a massive grin on her face and of course she knows damn well what they r cuz she sees me without makeup but shes trying to point them out to everyone and make me feel like shit infront of people. nasty woman. so yea i feel ur pain!! at high school id have boys turn around and look at me then turn back and point to a part on their face where i had a blemish n start sniggering. oh and dont u just hate how little kids ask u what those dots r on ur face?! acne is so cruel, sometimes it feels like a curse, like ur being unfairly punished for something and people who dont have it cant even begin to comprehend what its like. anyways, damn that was a rant lol. hope ur skin continues to stay clear and that ur depression subsides.


Visit My Accutane Log Here

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Yeah i know exactly what you mean, also can i slap ur mum? thts so mean!!! (no offence)

but the good thing with little kids is you can beat them up fairly easily after they say it lol.

i started on 40mg for my first month, i'm on 60mg now, nd goin up to 80 in my next month. Aloe vera has done a great job at healing scars to anyone hu needs help with tht!

thnx for the replies guys

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