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Am i doing the right think by waiting to become a full fledged man before considering accutane?

Hey people , I've been on doxycycline since the 28th of October which is 4 weeks and I've noticed no improvement at all. Instead I've got new spots on my back and loads of small ones on my neck. I have 3 more weeks worth of medication, doctor gave me 50 days worth.

My acne is pretty mild, but I'm very self conscious. I usually have 2 active spots, usually on my chin and maybe 1 or 2 small ones elsewhere. Although its mild i havent had a clear day since i was 17. 1->16 clear 17>19 shit :(

I'm 19, and no where near a full grown man. Still going through puberty, i can't grow a beard and shave once a week, occasionally twice. My point is I'm still developing and my hormones are everywhere. i see my age as a number, I know 16 year olds who are more developed than me. I'd say i look around 18, I'm 6"1 have quite a bit of body hair (which came so late! i was about 15 before i started getting hairs on my legs, talk about embarrassing when you have PE at school)

I've set myself a deadline for accutane, this being on my 22nd birthday. If I'm not 100% clear by the time I'm 22 i will look into accutante.

Back to the question, if i take accutane at 22/23 is there any chance after making me clear my acne could come back worse?

I hate being on antibiotics and topicals, I'm so tempted to just use

Cetaphil morning and night and be done with it until i reach 22.


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