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Right now i'm using benzaclin twice daily i put it on in the morning after i wash my face and use a toner and my face gets dry and flaky now is it better for acne to be dry? or should i put on some cetaphil moisturizing lotion after i use benzaclin? i'm not really sure if that will take the whole purpose of the benzaclin away? and the cetaphil gental face wash isn't working well for me, anyone have any suggestions on some natural ingredient cleansers?

any replies would be nice.

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Yea, i would put the moisturizer on after the benzaclin. It wont defeat the purpose of it, but it will help to keep your face moisturized and less flaky.

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Hi Hg,

I am also a proud Benzaclin user! I swear by this stuff, it works miracles on my skin! One thing I've noticed is that if I don't moisturize after benzaclin, i actually tend to break out! My skin is naturally dry so benzaclin causes excess dryness. I mix jojoba oil with my favourite moisturizer and pat it on my skin gently 10 minutes after I apply benzaclin. It really helps with the flakiness. I swear you should try it. :)

Like you, I used to think that layering anything over benzaclin would stop it from being absorbed. The idea is to allow benzaclin to fully absorb into your skin first, and it really only takes 5-10 minutes. You can try emu oil, it is known as a carrier oil that may actually helps your skin absorb benzaclin.

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