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Big Red Bumps acne or no?

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So I was on an acne medication but my prescription ran out and now I'm not on it. I was on a swalloable medication once for a year. Then I didn't use anything for a year or two. Then I used a topical cream but I can't remember what the exact prescription was.

Anyways, I know I get zits, but along with zits sometimes I get big red bumps slightly smaller than a dime. Sometimes these tend to feel like they have something under them that won't come out. Sometimes they feel like they have sharp pain if I put pressure on them. A few days later after a shower, if I don't shave the skin will get flaky, but only on these bumps.

Another problem I have had is zits or some similar looking bump, they get popped and at least partially drained or as much as I can drain them and then they swell up to white zit like bumps again. I don't have the option to go to a doctor immediately and I when I did in the past they seemed to just generalize it all as zits but sometimes doctors don't listen or really pay attention so it's hard to take that as a simple diagnosis.

If anyone has had similar experiences and might be able to illuminate on my problems It would be awesome. I tend to get anxiety very easy and this combined with other things doesn't help and its a bad cycle.

Also I couldnt figure out how to add files to a gallery, but I have taken some pics but they don't come out in as much detail as I would want, but still to get a better idea I can put them up.

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Those sure do sound like cysts, and those kind of zits can hang around a long long time. The other member mentioned not to pick, and she is so right. I have terrible acne scarring (and I was pretty good at not picking.. imagine how much worse it was if I had picked). Now my acnes gone, but I'm dealing with the scars.. and this is a much harder and expensive treatment.

So don't pick... Consider going on Accutane.

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