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Accutane Adventure!

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Alright, so I haven't posted in a while, so I guess I have a lot to say! The overall complexion of my face has improved. I no longer have as many small bumps, and the oil secretion has definitely decreased. I still have some new pimples forming, but they're not as vigorous as they once were. My face has really dried out, but I'm combating that with some good moisturizers (I use Garnier intense hydrating cream $12.99). My lips are dry daily, but nothing a good chapstick won't fix! Another side-effect i've been having is extremely dry nostrils, and they even have blood in them once and a while. Overall, my face is slowly healing itself, but it feels extremely raw and exposed. Hopefully there will be a point in this process where I have no acne at all, and don't have to wake up to new, fresh pimples each morning.

I still feel like I'm going strong, but I'm only taking 20mg a day and don't know if that's enough to make the process of clearing up my skin happen. Anyone out there have luck with 20mg? And is there anyone out there who had or has extremely oily skin and seen an improvement while using accutane?

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hey your description seems exactly like my course! I'm on day 13 today on 20mg a day, and although the first week was a bit rough, there was a definite turning point at about day 10 and I'm now clearing (i only have a couple red bumps here and there, the rest are just red marks i think, in fact i look almost clear in black and white photos :) because u can't see the redness)

I know loads of people here have huge doses but I don't think it's always necessary. My elder brother had really bad acne, his face was covered and his back too, and he was only ever on 30mg a day at the most, and for 4 momths, and he cleared up fine. So maybe it depends on the kind of person?

But it seems to be going well for you

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I'm on 20mg a day as well! I'm on my 8th day, and I think I'm seeing some improvements. My nose is really dry, its pretty much the only area on my face (apart from my lips) that is noticeably dry.

The results aren't too obvious yet, but I think that my face is already better than when I started. At first I was kinda worried about the low dose, because I came on here and everyone was on much higher doses. But I think its going well, and Ive read and talked to people who completed low dose accutane courses and they say it went great. Low doses also supposedly reduce side effects.

Have you been having any other side effects apart form the dry skin?

I'm so glad to have found someone on the same dosage as me that is doing their course now :)!

How long is your course?

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