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IPL (Photo facial) SIDE EFFECTS

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I have discovered a forum which has collected stories from various people having negative side effects from IPL treatments:


I am uncertain if this is the explanation to my recent changes in skin texture. Over the last couple of years, (ever since I had 3 ILP treatments from LaserGenesis) my skin has dramatically "aged" in ways I can barely describe. I suddenly have "male skin" - it seems alot thinner, with orange peel texture around my lower cheeks, and my pores are very dilated, and I have lots of very fine wrinkles which moisturizer just doesn't help.

I know I did alot of picking & squeezing in my younger days, but until now I still had pretty smooth skin. I am fair with northern European skin. The only way it showed - I had a couple of ice pick scars & when I got cold I had a bazillion purple marks. I was assured IPL treatment STIMULATE collegen regrowth, REVERSE AGING, and won't penetrate deep enough to do any damage anyhow. I took the treatments to reduce the redness caused by some broken bloodvessels which had surfaced in the apples of my cheeks, and some superficial brown "masking" caused by the hormones in BCPs.

Anyhow, I'm not convinced this is the entire reason of my new problems .... it could be a combination of other factors along with the treatment. It could be the person who gave me the treatment wasn't qualified, or the machine was a first generation of the technology. It seems it might work well for some, but there also seem to be lots of other horror stories like mine.

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