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i'm pretty new to this site, and to natural skin care. from high school(?) until last march i used st. ives apricot scrub and neutragena liquid makeup. lets just say i've tried several "natural" products. and read a few reviews ... all excellent for KMF but there's only been a few so ... anyone tried this?

used it twice so far and i think i like it.

here's my reg

KMF face wash

toner : 1 part ACV / 2 parts water with 1 aspirin (dissolved and then strained) and 4 drops of TTO

spot treat with Desert essence blemish stick

FOTE as moisturizer

earth science herbal mist (if i'm too dried out)

my reg has stayed the same for about a month except for the KMF, i was using alba pineapple

makeup: everyday minerals (matte finish) ... no silk powder or any other finishing powders for now.

i drink 4-8 oz AVJ with cranberry juice every day

eliminated dairy (except coffee creamer and once in awhile parm cheese)

trying to eliminate wheat but its so hard!

drinking way more water than my former shameful 1 glass a day

multi vitamin

2 cups green tea daily

try to eat good, lots of veggies, less meat, no soda/energy drinks

i've been doing that for a couple weeks

i'm 26 and have had acne since i was 12. disappeared (mostly) when i was about 18 and then came back 2 years ago.

my skin:

combo/oily (more oily than combo)

right now my acne isn't to bad compared to about a month ago i had cysts and every other kind all at once.

now i have 2 at a time usually 1 whitehead and 1 pustule. but .... right when one heals and then scabs i get another in the same area which is very frustrating. they are always on my cheeks. i also get those little flesh colored bumps that usually just stay there or occasionally turn to tiny white heads and then disappear very fast. i have maybe 5 of these on either side of my chin.

now for my blackheads on my nose i guess that's what they are though they look nothing like the pics on this web site. mine look like dark large pores, and have been there forever. they are getting better/smaller looking but i'm still able to squeeze stuff out of them. i want them gone!

anyone see anything wrong with this reg? i hope the KMF is good because i never spend that much on face wash.

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