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Dan Please Help. Breaking out after switching to new formula in the white bottles

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Simply put, The formula in the old blue tubes kept me 99%-100% clear all the time for the last two years. I re-ordered the bp gel (now in the white bottle) thinking it was the same formula but immediately started breaking out and have been breaking out for over two months. I started using the white bottle formula in august 08. I had a little bit of bp gel left from the blue tubes which I used for a few days and sure enough my skin cleared up again.

I have noticed many other users are having the same reaction to the new formula as well as others who probably don't even realize that the problem is infact the new formula.

The only change I see in the ingredient list is the switch from Propylene glycol to Butylene glycol. I'm not sure if there are poorer quality ingredients being used also or what the problem is.

I am not trying to make anyone upset but am just trying to bring to light what is going on as I know you (Dan) are commited to your customers and making their acne dissapear. You and your BP gel have been a godsend for the last two years and I believe it was the best acne product out there.

PLEASE CHANGE BACK TO THE OLD FORMULA, so me and many other users can get back our clear skin. Or sell both the OLD and NEW formulas and you will quickly see which one is preferred.

Other users please make sure to post here if you are having the same problem.

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thats weird, Im using the white bottles and they dont seem to be bad. maybe its because your skin was used to the old formula. whatever the case i do believe that there should be a consistency in the products given.

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Hey Brandy,

Yes, I am using the same amount of bp that I have been using for the last two years. The consistency and feel of the new formula is considerably different and is quite a bit thicker. It feels as though it doesn't absorb. I have changed nothing in my regimen except for the new bp. I wish it worked the same as the old formula but it does not.


I think 2+ months would be enough for my skin to get used to the difference but the breakouts have gotten progressively worse. I haven't had a deep whitehead in 2 years and now I have about 5 on my face.

For me and the other users, the new formula does not work.

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I fully agree with the OP, Since switching form the blue bottle formula to the new white, Ive had a much harder time staying clear. I went from being 98% clear, to now breaking out constantly. it seems as though I'm getting a lot more deeper cystic acne too which is quite worrisome.

With regard to Brandy's comment about the amount of bp being used, I'm sure people that were on the regimen before the switch who were able to maintain a clear status will know how much is 'enough' to use.

This is definitely something that needs to be looked into. If thats not possible, perhaps those of us who cannot tolerate the new formula will have to switch to a drugstore brand or something equally dreadful. :(

Anyone else care to add to this?

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Hey Dan, Thanks for the reply.

I don't mean to be rude, but the two formulas are not the same. The old solution with propylene glycol had a much better cosmetic feel to it and went on nicely. The new formula with butylene glycol is much thicker and feels like glue.

I don't know if the ratio's of the other ingredients were changed or not but the difference is huge.

I started using some leftover BP gel from the old blue tubes 3 days ago and what do you know, my breakouts are clearing.

As I said before, I have been using your BP gel blue tubes for 2 years and have been consistently 99% - 100% clear. I couldn't remember the last time I had a deep zit or for that matter a whitehead. Any zits I did get were very superficial and never grew into anything.

The only thing different in my regimen is the New BP gel (white bottles). And I immediately started breaking out with deep whiteheads and have been ever since.

I am not the only user experiencing this!

Do you have any of the old blue BP gel tubes (old formula) leftover that I could purchase from you? Or simply just change back to the old formula.

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Here are some posts from other users. This is a serious problem.

jml519 said, Sep 19/08

See the Regimen forum for my complaints about my recent relapse with acne.

In addition to my frustration with my acne being mysteriously returned, I am very disappointed with the new bp pump-style dispenser.......

I have been the regimen's biggest cheerleader since I had such wonderful success with it, but have been very disenchanted over the last week or so with the bp pump problems, and worse - with the return of my acne.


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I also clear to 99% for 1 year and suddenly Acne is back

I thought that was the jojoba. So I stop the jojoba. But still acne every day.

I do not know if it is the new formula or not.

I really do not know ...

I was traveling with the little white bottle. And it was ok !

In return, I continued the small white bottle and 15 days after the acne is back.

I took the old tube blue, but still acne.

Now I have finished the blue tube and I have the white bottle and always acne.

I change moisturizer : always acne.

I don’t know why …???

New formula or not ? I don’t know, really, I don’t know ….

Hey, Dan : why are you change the ingredient ???

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The formula is the same you guys. Butylene glycol is identical to propylene glycol--only very slightly better. Everything else in the formula is the same. When it feels "thicker" that is because you just either got a newer batch (BP tends to thin in viscosity over time) or it's cooler where you're using it (which thickens it up).

Can you guys all do me a favor and take some time and fill out the "Having Trouble?" survey with an open mind and respond here? Thanks.

Or call the 1-800-282-5376 number and if I'm here I'll pick up and coach you.


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I don't really want to add to all this, but I was going to try and leave my opinion except i didn't know how to say it. Lionqueen recently had a dispute with another poster over green cream and some of the ingredients being toxic, I read her post on the green cream boards and Kevin, the moderator there, pretty much said perfectly what I was thinking on this issue, so I quote him..

"...Every ingredient works synergistically to create a beneficial out come, if you change just one component of a formulation you can radically change the outcome."

Mainly the bolded part is what I feel may apply here. When I first read this, I knew that the formula hadn't changed with the exception of the propylene glycol to butylene glycol, but that small change no matter how small it truly may be could effect people in a negative way. I know those two are very closely related, but for some people it could still turn out to be bad. I know with me personally and some of the products I used to use, they changed the ingredients slightly and I could no longer use the product.

Just my input, hopefully I don't upset anyone.

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The formula is the same you guys. Butylene glycol is identical to propylene glycol--only very slightly better.


Well, it does have a different structure. But, I don't really think I saw a big change from the Blue bottles to the White pumps. Maybe a little bit, but nothing that I thought was too dramatic. I remember the white bottles way long ago. I think that was the best formula in regards to clearing acne.

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Well, I have been using what I have left of the blue tubes (which isn't much) for the past week and now I am back to basically perfectly clear!!! I am 100% certain it is the new white bottle formula that is breaking me out!

The New white bottle formula may not affect all users but for me and a bunch of other users it does not work and causes breakouts.

Please Dan, If you have any of the old blue bottles (with the old formula) leftover I will gladly purchase them off you. There has to be a solution.

I just can't bring myself to understand why you would change a formula that worked so perfectly...........hence the phrase "if it work's don't fix it"

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I've had identical experience as Jaymes regarding the old vs. new BP formula. I switched back to using Dan's BP after several months of trying other stronger BP products, because I started to lose control of my acne again. When I first switched back I had some of the old formula left (had it since it was still in the blue tube). Right away I was able to control and clear up the nasty breakout within 2-3 days, combining the old formula BP with some glycolic acid as moisturizer, which is quite sufficient.

Then I decided to order the new formula in white bottle because I saw that I was running low on the blue tube formula. When I got the shipment, I switched to using the new formula right away because I was wary of the old blue tube being over a year old. Right away, I started to breakout after using the new formula. After two weeks of uncontrollable breakouts, I again switched back to the blue tube, which I still had some left. And you guessed it, it cleared me up with in 2-3 days again. I did this switch back and forth between the old and the new formulas at least 4-5 occasions, because I wanted to be sure that it was not just conincidence or influence of another factor(s). Everything else in my routine and diet remained the same throughout. In the end, it became pretty conclusive to me that the only difference was in the BP formula change. The switch between the formulas produce the same after-effect every single time in the same exact manner and timing as I mentioned above.

Other than the proven results being the confirming factor, I also felt pretty noticable difference in the consistency and absorbability between the two formulas. The new white bottle seems to be a bit thicker and more of a cream than a gel than the old formula. The old formula, to me, seems to absorb a lot better and more completely, which could be the reason it has proven more potent for me.

I hope my input will be somewhat useful in the decision to either stay with the new formula, go back to the original formula, or possibly offering two different formulas, because I feel that there are likely many others with the same skin type (very prone to bacteria buildup and breakouts) whose skin would likely respond better to the old formula the same way mine did. Besides, if the old formula did not pose any problem for anyone, while the new formula has apparently affected some of us adversely, I respectfully cast a vote for a return to the original formula, or at the least making it available as an option to those of us whose livelihood depends on it :surprised: It would be gratefully appreciated.

P.S. maybe you can put up a formal poll to see what others think about this.

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