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Very Frustrated with what I have

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During the past year, there was a long period where my skin was perfectly fine. Relatively clear, smooth, and acne free through the use of mild cleaners and BP.

It seems like either the BP has lost its effect, or I have another problem.

I notice that I have a lot of these small, flesh colored bumps, typically more isolated on one side of my face than the other. Some of them have a small black dot if you look really upclose in the mirror (nothing that a regular camera can capture), kind of like a blackhead.

For these bumps, when I squeeze them they usually have something in it.

1) these small oil-like capsules that come out in a oval shape

2) a white, stringy substance that squeezes out like toothpaste

I try not to do it too much because it gets slightly swollen immediately afterwards

I am assuming my problem now is with clogged pores rather than the typical large ,red acne. The problem is that I have a lot of these all over and gives my skin an uneven complexion. Some are in clusters of 4-5 while others are more isolated. It scares me how many I have, which is probably about 20 in total. They dont seem inflamed and they never seem to go away, although if I am stressed out they appear more noticeable.

Can somebody enlighten me more on what I have and the treatments I should go through? Now right I followed the thread "Clearing pores, getting rid of tiny bumps" thinking that I need more high quality exfoliants.

I still dont know why my skin became so bad and why my pores are so clogged up. I use Eucerin moisturizing toner, which has great reviews, almost daily. Would this help or make the situation worse? I am really frustrated right now because the problem seems to be getting worse and worse even though I eat a healthy diet and good personal hygiene.

Any help appreciated. :)

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