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Starting Accutane Next Month...

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Hi Guys!

So I got the phone call from my derm today saying that they got my first blood tests back to make sure I was healthy enough (and not pregnant) to be on accutane and all my labs came out perfect. So now I am going in 30 days for a repeat pregnancy test and when that comes back negative I get to get my first months script! I can't wait to get rid of this horrible cystic acne that I've had for 10 years!! But I was just curious (and I know its different for everyone)

what I can expect the first month or 2 and how soon the side effects start once you start taking it? and any wise words of wisdom and helpful info that you wish you knew before hand :)

Thanks so much for all your helpful info!!! :)

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damn i can't believe you waited 10 years!! but hopefully this time your acne will be changed for the better as do most cases.. i won't even lie to you, the first month is a bitch! i stayed inside like the whole first month, but its worth it cuz 3 months later you'll be out having the best time of your life not worrying about your complexion! so worth it fool i sware..

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Well, Monday will be month 2 on 'tane for me. I really did not experience many side effects in that time- just dryyyy and sometimes raw-feeling lips, redness on face, and every once in a while a muscle ache. I didnt have hair loss, depression, or any crazy crazy breakouts. I think most ppl do, however, have the really bad breakouts the first month. Either way, it is just temporary, and will certainly be worth it in the long run!

My one tip for you is CARMEX in the tube-form. Omg it has been a LIFESAVER for my lips, b/c it has an ingredient that soothes the raw feeling.

Good luck on your stint!

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