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Ive never had scars until now....?

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I am 17 years old and hardly ever had a problem with acne up unitl about 6 months ago. i began breaking out on my forehead and then my jawline and then it moved to my cheeks. So unfortunately I have scars on my ENTIRE face now. not deep or pitted scars just red hyperpigmentation. It seems EVERY pimple i had left a scar. :( Im just wondering if anyones red marks healed fairly quickly. Im sorta hoping they will fade within the next few months. I do moisturize my face with bio oil and that is supposed to help reduce the red marks but i guess i should be more patient. its mostly my cheeks that bother me because i cant hide those scars with my hair or anything. they are always there and even are visible through all the makeup. its affected my confidence greatly. I just want my cheeks to be clear again! please if anybody has had any success with this let me know. it would certainly give me some hope!



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I have roughly 50 red marks on my cheeks, so I feel your pain. One thing that has helped me cover them is using a liquid foundation (I use Revlon Colorstay) as a concealer, letting that dry, then using mineral makeup over top in several light layers - foundation, then mineral concealer, spritz with water and let dry, then foundation, blush, and finishing powder. It sounds like a lot but I'm talking TINY amounts of minerals on my brush.

Clearasil Ultra face wash has helped fade some of my red marks. They're definitely still there, but they are flatter and easier to cover with makeup. Unfortunately, I still have discoloration from cysts I had in 2006, so if there is a quicker way to make them completely go away, I don't know what it would be.

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waittttt a minute..... you have acne skin... so bio oil is NOT an option.... it will make it worse. any oil should not be applied. you need an anti-bacterial facewash. the more oil u use the more acne you will get. oil changes your skin and it clogs pores ! you are going to ruin your face.... put anti-bacterial, and then microdermabrasion will get rid of your marks..... marks go........ its the pitted scars that are hard to get rid of

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