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11 Months Ago:( Today :) w/ Picture

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I use:



and sometimes:

WalGreens Aloe Vera Gel


1. Get a few handfuls of warm water over face.

2. Once face dosn't feel "oily" squeeze some Cetaphil in your palm and rub together

3. Place hands on face and just try to wash your entire face, don't Rub so hard but rub a little.

4. Rinse with water.

5. If your using the Aloe vera Gel Repeat steps 2-3 only using the Aloe Vera as opposed to the Cetaphil, Also I never wash off the Aloe Vera Gel whenever I use it.

ABSOLUTELY No picking, popping.

Whenever I feel tempted I say is it worth having a scar? or WHAT AM I DOING?! and the smarter part of me usually takes over and steps away from the mirror.

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To entertain the taurine question, I WAS but not throughout this entire process.

My greatest progress was End of June-July that is when I made a big jump.

I believe the taurine was helping when my acne was inflamed closer to around the time the first picture was taken.

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Congratulations! Looking good man.

For how long exactly have you been using those products before getting significant results? Not for almost a year I hope...

After about a month I saw substantial results. I believe what happened is using the cetaphil stopped new acne from forming. Once this stopped my skin finally was able to heal itself and start removing red marks from old acne etc.

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