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Lactic Acid UK

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Hey Everyone,

I currently have a number of red marks pretty much all over my face and i'm wanting to use lactic acid. Would 55% be the best to use, as my skin is quite sensitive? I've read that lactic acid doesn't cause much irritation, etc., is this true as i have to go to school and stuff and don't want to be walking around with a bright red flaky face!! It seems that most people buy it from www.makeupartistschoice.com, but I live in the UK, so do they ship internationally, and how much is their shipping charge for this?

Thanx People!

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2 suppliers to the UK:

www.puredeming.com sell 40% lactic

www.loganwoodskincare.com sell 85% lactic

both above ship internationally

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Thanks Guys, but i tried to order it through that link, but for some reason i can't register with ebay (and believe me, i've tried!). Is there any other site where i can purchase either the 40% or 55% lactic acid where they ship to the UK, i'm really desperate to get this product, any help would be much appreciated. [-o<

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are there no other sites that sell it?? The only place that i can find is www.homepeels.com, but its kinda expensive compared to other places, £56 ($103). Then again, you get 2oz of it, so is this actually an okay price for it? are there definately no other sites that ship to the UK??

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