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Slimy stuff when using Gilette SensorExcel razor

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I just started using the "Gilette SensorExcel" razor

and when I use it...it makes like a slimy substance on my face....

I was wondering if the slimy stuff will cause break outs....

does it????? :-k

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The slimey stuff is coming off the strip on the razor. This helps it glide better and reduce cuts, etc.

It won't cause breakout, just wash well afterwards.

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I don't/didn't suspect that it was simply the razor's own moisturizer. He made it sound as if it were in abundance. In any case, I doubt that it would cause breakouts too.

If any, I would use an aftershave because shaving is known to open up pores, etc.

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Well I figured that its obvious that the shaving cream and such itself would have a "residue" so i just assumed it was the strip. Shaving has come along way you know :-$

And yeah, I don't see what zero did wrong? I am always careful to make sure something I am doing will not purposly cause acne. Just as I don't eat specific foods so I can maintain a 5 percent body fat and build muscle.

Nothing wrong with taking care of yourself cosmeticly.

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I'm not having a wise crack at the kid, i'm being honest. It should help him feel a lot better about himself.

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