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I'm actually getting rid of my acne!! Finally a way that works!

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Hey all - my acne started getting bad this summer, all over my cheeks and chin and everything has been red and scarred and gross and broken out for as long as I can remember. I've tried everything; proactiv, this regimen on the site (it's great, it just didn't help me), hundreds of dollars on different products. Finally, I decided that even though everyone says food isnt related to acne, I would give it a shot.

For the past two weeks, I've eaten nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, egg whites, occasionally some organic chicken, and I only drink water (lot's of it). I know this sounds ridiculous to survive on, but I also have a multivitamin every day. My biggest problem was that I'm trying to gain some muscle mass (I go to the gym every other day), and this diet obviously was not going to be of any help. So I also got a big tub of whey protein from GNC. I have one scoop with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After working out, I have 2 with lunch. This gives about 60-80g of additional protein per day.

Not only has my face TOTALLY cleared up, my skin looks great in general (I can't remember the last time I was happy with it), and my body had completely toned up - taking in a lot of protein and then a bunch of other good foods has made me no skinny and gross like i expected, but completely toned and everythings showing a little more :D

And no, I haven't changed ANY other part of my daily routine. However, eating like this is in general just improving my mental state and helping me sleep really well. I just feel all around much healthier. The key is not to starve yourself and cleanse your system, it is just to eat whenever you are hungry like usual, but make sure what you're eating is good for you

Guys, I know it is a pain, but just give it a shot and be strong. If it doesn't work, I wasted your time but you get to eat healthy food for a few weeks. If it DOES work, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Feel free to ask any specific questions, or to tell me my method is stupid :P

UPDATE! I was using proactiv for the past few months, but after eating well, all proactiv was doing was irritating my face. Now that I feel confident in not breaking out, I have switched to CeraVe hydrating wash. My face has never been so soft, even colored, and the scars are all going away. It's SO gentle on the skin. Highly recommend - not sure how it would hold up to someone having bad break outs though

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Your method isn't stupid at all. In fact, I pretty much followed the same exact steps to achieve decent and clear skin.

I am really into rock climbing so I have been trying to eat healthy (fruits, veggies, whole grains, brown rice, chicken, fish, and so on). I also drink an obscene amount of water, probably 1.5-2 gallons a day. In my mind, a lifestyle change is the only thing that can truly get rid of acne (unfortunately there are still some people who will have acne). I eat well, sleep really well (7-9 hours a night), exercise, and cleanse my face twice a day with Cetaphil which is super gentle.

I guess my method really was focusing on what was going into my body and using the less is more principle to make sure my face didn't get super irritated from over-washing.

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Word up G!!! Ive been doing the same!! Your method is far from stupid. Although I didnt take any of that protein powder. And.. i skipped the meat also. I got my protein from beans, nuts, seeds etc. and the results were AMAZING!! I went from moderate acne to being well on my way to becoming clear.

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if it was that easy Oxy would be out of business!

It isn't easy! It took me a while and a LOT of will power to start eating like this - people start to ask wtf is wrong with your eating habits lol. It does take patience and determination, and not just giving up b/c you smell pizza.

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the best part about eating healthy is that foods that are bad for you start to taste worse, and make you really feel worse.

eating healthy has a lot of benefits.

chocolate releases endorphins i think, so it's like a quick high.

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Lol I dont think eating healthy is the big thing, ten bucks says its the water. I dont eat to unhealthy, but I drink caffeine like a motha fuck. But I drink so much water that I really keep myself clear like 90% of the time.

Although I gotta ask anybody got a solution for all the pissing?? With all the water I drink I piss like a race horse.

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Thanks for the thread. I wll need to do the same. I also workout and have suffer a lot this year like never before. I will have to change my diet.

I must say I only drink water and I drink lots of it, partly because I workout and I still get acne breakouts.

I know I piss my downstairs neighbors a lot from flushing the toilet pissing like crazy lol

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