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Low Dosage Accutane

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Hi all! So I'm a seventeen year old male on his tenth day of Accutane. I have very mild acne, and am only taking 20mg a day. I've read some topics on low dosage accutane use, but was just wondering if there are any others out there that have had any positive results with using low dosage accutane and if those results were long lasting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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Hi :)

I've been on 20mg for just over four months now for my mild acne, and it's working great. I have no zits at the moment (still get the odd one or two occasionally), and my skin isn't so oily anymore, either!

It does improve very gradually (in my case), and I started noticing real differences around month four. My derm thinks I'll be on it for another 4 months, but we'll see how it goes. She said that for some reason, mild acne is the type that tends to come back more often after a course of Accutane - so here's hoping it works for us!

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i have been on 30mg for over a month now

i want to last this dose 3 months,then stop

yes,i know my acne will come back on a high possibility,but i would rather to start off another short term low dose course(maybe it souldnt be called a normal course)than a regular course which is so dangerous to handle for me at least

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i took 30mg for 7 months (although i weighed around 120lbs at the time). this worked great for me. My acne cleared quickly and i finished the course 2 years ago. at this precise moment I have two small pimples. good luck!

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