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From what I understand, there is only one brand of toothpaste that is supposed to do anything for zits. I think it's regular colgate, no whitening, no enhnaced flavoring or whatever.

I forget though.

ultimately, I think it;s more of a myth than actual useful spot treatment. I tried it a couple times on a relatively small whitehead, and when I woke up in the morning, the whitehead was huge! :-k

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Toothpaste is an old home remedy one might try if he/she has no chronic problem and gets like one little zit per year.

If you have enough of an acne problem to be browsing acne.org, then toothpaste is useless to you. Except of course for brushing your teeth.

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Even though I have a mild case of acne, I still get about a pimple or two a week, and combined with vinegar or another topical, I find that toothpaste can be VERY effective in speeding up the drying process of a pimple that's already healing. You know the type, whether you popped it, or if it's healing on it's own, it still just sits there on your face, not even dry enough to be a scab. Try putting a tiny bit of toothpaste on the spot, but it can be very drying so be careful.


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