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New Regimen user

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Hi all,

So I decided after trying most other things to give Dan's regimen a try. What have i got to lose right? I know nothing will probably 'cure' my acne but im more than happy to put some effort in to maintain it best I can. Anything is better than looking/feeling like I have for the past 9 years! I just got the 16oz kit to get myself going and see if the ingredients in Dan's products are the difference.

But does anyone based in the UK have any reccommendations of good cleansers or moisturisers they use instead of Dan's products? I am expecting to change the cleanser and moisturiser once these bottles run out to something equally/more effective that I can buy here in the UK as I get stung hard on the customs and handling charges. student times don't make it easy!

Also I have seen a lot written about the steps for shaving but I have facial hair I dont want to get rid of and am hesitant to use BP as this will bleach it ginger. Is there any advice for treating acne for guys with facial hair or beards? I would look into Sal Acid (Dans has a new salycylic gel) as a replacement but have heard this is nowhere near as effective.

Any help would be great.

Thanks for reading, I'll keep a track of my progress for anyone it might help.

...fingers crossed...


new regimen:


DKR cleanser

DKR treatment

DKR moisturiser

l'Oreal oil-free moisturiser


DKR cleanser

DKR treatment

DKR moisturiser


OMEGA 3,6,9 2-3 times daily

Daily multi-vitamins & iron


run 2 times a week

gym/swim 2-3 times a week

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I unfortunatelly can't give you any recommendations on UK supplies (I'm stateside), but I did want to hop in here and say congrats on starting the regimen! Please keep us posted!

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Hi :)

I use Cetaphil cleanser (Boots), Dan's BP, and Cetaphil moisturising lotion (Ebay). I also like Avene's extremely gentle cleanser and skin recovery cream (Boots) and Eucerin's replenishing face cream. The moisturisers are a little pricy if you need to use lots of it like I did, but they're the best I've found. However other UKers seem to like a couple of the Simple products which are cheaper and may be worth trying.

Good luck :)

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I've been using Simple Foaming Cleanser and Simple Light Moisturiser; I've been on Dan's regimen for a couple of weeks or so and find these are working well for me - just about any supermarket has them. I'm also using Panoxyl BP but I just received a bottle of Dan's BP that I ordered to try it out.

So far, I'm getting fantastic results - hope you do too!

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thanks for the suggestions people!

So it's been a week using Dans regimen and I have to say I am pleasantly suprised and so far progress has been good! my skin complexion feels and looks healthier overall, got a couple of nasty spots on my left cheek that aint budging but the (previously) mega breakouts on my forehead seem to be reacting positively to the treatment.

I havn't done myself too many favours this week, been eating some things I know aren't good for me, so perhaps I could have had even better results. I'm not expecting this to be the beginning of the end either, it may just be coincidence or an initial positive reaction but I'm realistic that it may and probably will get worse before it (hopefully) gets better in the long term.

But so far so good! I'll keep updates of my progress on the regimen each week or as something notable develops. If anyone has any questions from reading this I'll be happy to answer or help if I can.


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DK Regimen - Week 2.

So end of the second week on the regimen and after a few cysts and small temple breakouts things have again improved. must be about the same as one week ago, although my cheeks have cleared a little. my lips have become very dry but that is easily remedied with vaseline or lipbalm. the blemishes on my cheeks are disappearing and my forehead overall is continuing to improve, usually when i see an improvement its only temporary and after a day or two of feeling better about my appearance another breakout or whitehead will rear itself and i'll be back to sqaure one...this has been the most significant improvement so far. I'm still getting breakouts but theyre nowhere near as frequent or large as they used to be. so im pretty happy. so far! again, its still early days and im not expecting to see improvements every day.

I'm managing 1 1/2 pumps twice a day without much dryness and no real flaking as yet. believe me i appreciate that, unless im gonna get hit with a mega dry flaky episode soon. i guess my skins isnt as sensitive as i thought??

I'm also trying dairy free at the moment and maybe gluten/wheat free too, but havn't done enough research on this to justify its benefits/efforts as yet. any comments? also i've started this water therapy. not sure if it is really helping my skin but i feel pretty good after i've done it. gonna keep it up best i can.

In all...continuing to see progress! even at this early stage so i'm keeping it all crossed that it isn't beginners luck.

I'll report back in a week.

Nick :surprised:

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DK Regimen - Week 3

Its now been 3 weeks now using the regiman (this update is a few days late) and ive had a few more breakouts. Could be to do with other things going on, had little sleep of late due to deadlines and the bit of stress they bring too etc. My skin's probably not as bad as before I started the regimen but I expected it to get a little worse after a couple of weeks. Most annoying are the ones on my forehead and around the temples, I can tolerate them for now, I've got faith they'll disappear using this technique (hopefully!).

Im on 2 full pumps twice a day already, skin gets a bit dry (duh) but my skin doesnt seem to react too bad. Bit red but only in one place so that could be something waiting to surface (hope not :pray: ), amybe ill try not applying there and see if the redness goes. Just hoping that my general skin health and complexion is in some stable condition for xmas, seeing old friends/family would be much more enjoyable if I felt comfortable in my own skin!

Next update in a week.

Nick :)

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